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$60K Roulette Bet Not The Responsible Gaming Story You May Think It Is

roulette ball on 22 black This is based on the long-held belief that achieving greatness in poker requires zero respect for money. Or at the very least, detachment from its value. The theory is the best players don’t worry about all the other things they should be doing with the money they used to buy into a tournament. They don’t think of all the things they could be doing with the money they’ll earn by winning it. That kind of thinking makes it impossible to make the best in-game decisions. The best poker players in the world never pay attention to the payouts. The chips are just a way to keep score and their monetary value is never taken into consideration. They play the game first and do the accounting later. Kenny Rogers was right. They don’t just know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.

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